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Lab Diamonds Parramatta - The Sustainable and Sparkling Choice For Ethical Jewelry

In a jewellery industry known for glamour and tradition, lab diamonds are making waves as a sustainable and sparkling choice. Unlike their mined counterparts, which have been associated with Third World conflict and environmental destruction, lab-created diamonds are 100% ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly. Chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, they are the perfect alternative for those looking for all the sparkle without all the baggage.

This has made them an instant hit with millennials, who want to know where their jewellery is coming from and how it got there. They also don’t want their diamonds tainted with the associations of violent warlords, organised crime and exploitation, or Third World environmental carnage. While the established mining industry has resisted the change, they have been forced to respond to consumer demand and are now offering ‘conflict-free’ lab grown diamonds.

While there are still those who raise an eyebrow at lab diamonds, it is important to remember that these gems have a far lower impact on the environment and are produced using cutting-edge technology. Some companies have even opted to power their laboratories with renewable energy, such as hydro or solar.

For those who are looking to buy a lab diamonds in Parramatta, Novita Diamonds is a great option. They offer a variety of different sizes and shapes, and their prices are very competitive. Their experts are on hand to guide you through the process, and they can help you find the best piece for your needs.

Another great option for buying a lab diamond is the Australian brand Moi Moi. Founded by Lauren Chang Sommer and her sister, Moi Moi started out selling moissanite, another type of lab-grown diamond. They have since expanded to offer a wide range of lab created diamond jewellery, including engagement rings and wedding rings. Their jewellery is made with a combination of both HPHT and CVD lab-created diamonds, depending on the shade and clarity that the customer wants.

Both Moi Moi and Novita offer lab-created diamonds in a range of cuts and colours. Their engagement rings start at around $1,100 for a 1-carat round stone with G-H colour and VS1-2 clarity. Prices rise for fancy shapes like princess cut, cushion cut, oval, and pear-shaped diamonds.

Great Heights is another Australian company that offers a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds. They have a huge selection of engagement and wedding rings, and they use 100% premium lab-created diamonds. Their diamonds are sourced from reputable suppliers that adhere to high standards of quality and ethics. Great Heights also has a ‘Guide Me’ feature, which helps proposees and their partners select the right ring for them by asking questions about preferences and budget.

If you’re considering buying a lab diamond, make sure to do your research first. There are a lot of fraudulent companies out there, so be sure to only work with reputable retailers. Also, only purchase lab-created diamonds that are certified as conflict-free and eco-friendly. This will ensure that you’re getting the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at a fair price.


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